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Aug 26, 2022
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In a recent update to Lost Ark, players saw the addition of a new class, the Arcanist. The update also includes new raid content, improvements to upgrading characters, along with many other updates and quality of life improvements. Players also saw the implementation of a new Powerpass to fast track their characters to current content. It works in a similar manner to ones we’ve seen in the past. However, some players might be a bit confused as to how to get this new item. What Is The Punika Powerpass Players can choose a character from their character selection screen and instantly level them up to Level 50 and equip them with iLvl 1302 gear by using the Punika Powerpass, a single-use item. This eliminates the need to spend many hours leveling up and effectively equipping their character with previous content. To skip this content, there is a free alternative to using Royal Crystals. Obtaining a Powerpass is as simple as following the steps listed below if the button is greyed out and not clickable. How to Unlock Free Punika Powerpass in Lost Ark To unlock the Lost Ark Punika Powerpass for free, the first step is to complete all of the Adventure Quests on Punika. Those are the quests marked with a purple exclamation mark. During these, you collect stamps and, over time, become a citizen. After you complete the “Honorary Punikan” quest, go and talk to Nia in the village to get the quest called “Berver’s Friend.” Once you finish that, you’ll get the Powerpass. Also remember that once you start the questline on one character, it must be completed on that same character. If you can’t find it in your Journal, check to see if your other characters have already started one of them! If you are partially finished with the questline, Finally, you will receive the Punika Powerpass by mail. Ideally, it should go to the character that finished the entire questline, but you should check all of your characters' mailboxes in case it went somewhere else. To use the item, simply right-click it after adding it to your inventory by clicking the Accept All button. You can then use it on any of your present or future characters that are lower than iLvl 1302 by selecting it from the character selection menu. is the best place for the players to buy your Lost Ark Gold. We are the professional website for Lost Ark Gold selling. We just offer the lowest price for Lost Ark Gold and the best service, we are 24/7 online, if you have any problems with buying Lost Ark Gold, you can contact us anytime and we will try our best to solve your problems.


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